The traditional barbers shave

your step by step guide

» Posted on Jul 2, 2012 in stylists tips

Step One :

Firstly we place a hot towel over your face. The heat from the towel softens your stuble and opens the pores. The hot towel also just feels great and relaxing.

Step Two :

We then use a badger brush to whip up a shaving lather using the highest quality shaving creams and oils. We then apply the shave cream on to your face using the badger brush. The badger brush is used as the badger hairs retain their heat and ensure that the lather feels warm when applied. Using a circular motion, the badger hair brush prepares the hair for the shave.

Step Three :

We then slowly work down either side of your face, your upper lip area and then your chin and neck area using slow downward strokes. This is the first shave.

Step Four :

After re-lathering of your face, we work on the same areas again, but this time going against the grain of your hair. Throughout the shave, our staff gently stretch your skin using their finger thumb, and palm to ensure that they get as close a shave as possible. They will also look at the growth direction of your stubble or beard and decide on the best direction of the razor stroke to get the closest shave. During this phase it is common for men to fall asleep.

Step Five :

Once all the hair has been removed, we then close the pores and soothe the skin using an ice-cold towel. This really wakes you up.

Step Six :

One more hot towel to open your pores again to allow the balm and moisturiser to do its work.

Step Seven :

We then apply a high quality after shave balm to further soothe and protect the skin, and then we apply a moisturiser to re-hydrate the skin. We use a moisturiser which has sun protector within it because after a cut throat shave your skin is more susceptible to skin damage from the sun.