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AlphaMale Hair Studio is the quintessential cool, sophisticated, modern, and contemporary hair studio for the real man.  AlphMale is a place where art meets precision haircuts.  Our stylists have perfected an AlphaMale signature technique that allows for hair to grow back gracefully, look great immediately after, and for weeks following your haircut.

More than ethics, AlphaMale has developed a true philosophy: an individualised experience leads to an exceptional haircut.  Our stylists pay great attention to the lifestyle of our clients to create the best haircut for each person with classic, modern and contemporary results.

AlphaMale has become a favoured destination for men seeking a cool, sophisticated, modern haircut.  AlphaMale brings versatility to styling through a focus on the man and the respect for the craft of a good haircut.


A haircut by an AlphaMale stylist is impactful and will extenuate a man’s look to be an AlphaMale. The haircut reveals a lot of a man’s personality. There are many types of haircuts for all the different men and their preferences.  AlphaMale stylists will carefully help you choose a style to suit your lifestyle, head shape, face features, hair texture and face contours.

First impressions count and image is all in a world that is becoming faster and life is more public than ever. Modern men are aware of that and present themselves in a stylish and masculine way. Within those attributes is room for personal expression.

Some of the hairstyles by AlphaMale capture the essence of the alpha males in their favourite territory; Sporty, adventurous, stylish and business are the key attitudes that shape a modern man’s world. Forget the long flowing hairstyles of the latest wave of neo romance. Men are redefining themselves again and celebrating testosterone with undeniable masculine looks.

Come experience the very best in male grooming at AlphaMale CoolMensHair!

We all know that an Alpha Male is the true man, someone women cannot resist and one all other men envy and secretly desire to be like. Someone who oozes effortless sophistication and debonair charm and is successful in all that he does. We know nothing can stop you from being the most dashing man ever as we bring you AlphaMale, CoolMansHair. This place is your sanctuary where you can escape from the daily bump and grind to a tranquil place to energize, rejuvenate and re charge.

At AlphaMale CoolMensHair we offer the very best in men’s cool, sophisticated, modern and contemporary haircuts delivered by expert hairstylists, luxurious traditional shaves, and Shiatsu relaxing head massages in a private and relaxing environment.  The goal is to help each man discover the Alpha Male within and his own sense of style.

Bring out the AlphaMale in you by visiting us today…………